How are your staff doing working at home?

In the first COVID-19 Homeworker Wellbeing report from the Institute of Employment Studies, 33% of respondents reported feeling frequently isolated, 64% reported loss of sleep due to worry and 50% of respondents reported not being happy with their work-life balance.

There are people who are happily embracing the new working from home regime. However, this research suggests that many of us are finding it stressful and are not coping quite so well.

Why is there such a difference in how people react? And just how do you keep yourself fit and well, both physically and emotionally?

During the second Lone Worker Safety Live Community Webinar, Adi Scott and Dr Liz Royle explored the range of psychological and physiological reactions to the pandemic, the restrictions on our freedom and the reasons why we might react differently. Liz explianed the stages of emotional crisis and shared  practical strategies that can be used to reduce symptoms and restore balance in both your body and brain. Adi jumped in with some suggestions about ow to keep active and discussed the impact of physical health on mental wellbeing.

We had over 100 people join the session and there were some great and insightful questions form the audience.

If you missed this webinar (or want to know more) Dr Liz Royle from KRTS International has kindly shared some information for you to download. You can also listen to the whole thing (apart from the very beginning as Nicole forget to press record) on our YouTube Channel – Lone Worker Safety live.

Mindful breathing.pdf

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