Lone worker app company, StaySafe, one of Lone Worker Safety Live trusted exhibitors, are offering a free lunchtime webinar around improving mental wellbeing in the workplace on Monday, 27 September. Guest speaker Sean Toon, mental health speaker at PROUD2BESAFE, will be speaking with StaySafe CEO Don Cameron about his story.

Workplace health and safety, and employee wellbeing are often topics that are forgotten about or neglected. Due to this, many individuals struggle with mental health issues alone and without support from managers and family members.

Sean and Don will be discussing the effects mental health can have on an individual’s ability to work safely and what employers can do to support their employees, help break the stigma around mental wellbeing and encourage staff to open up.

Sean will be sharing his story on the impact that a friend’s serious workplace accident had on his mental health and the changes he made in order to reclaim his life. As well as offering practical advice on what employers and managers can do to help improve the mental wellbeing of staff.

The webinar will take place on Monday, 27 September at 12pm. Please note that the webinar will not be recorded, so you are encouraged to attend the live session. You can book your free place here:

Learn how to encourage your staff to speak up when they’re struggling, understand how to provide the best support for your staff, learn what can be done to help break the stigma around mental health and wellbeing & have all your questions answered by Sean Toon.

We are looking forward to it and hope that you will join them too.