According to the Office for National Statistics only 5% of the UK labour force worked mainly from home in 2019. Now in 2020, this number has multiplied massively due to the national lockdown and there is talk from the Government and many large companies that this will become the norm for the foreseeable future.

To what extent are you systematically and pro-actively considering how this might also impact on your team and organisation as a whole?

After our first two successful and popular webinars looking at the challenges for individuals of working from home, we are finishing this series on the 14th May at 11am with a look at how teams and organisations can also be affected by having remote workers.

We know that ‘Working from Home’ is less than ideal for some individuals. Changes in the way we are working, isolation, work-related stress, lack of boundaries and lack of resources and space, are just some of the challenges that can impact on an individual’s effectiveness, mental health and wellbeing.

Prof. Tim Marsh and Tony Roscoe from Anker & Marsh will be joining Nicole Vazquez from Worthwhile Training to discuss why working remotely from colleagues can increase error levels, lower productivity and have a detrimental impact on the overall wellbeing and function of our teams.

Our Community Webinars are open to all, so if you need to think about this or want to check your thinking with the experts, then 50 minutes on our webinar on the 14th May will be very useful to you.

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