Whatever your home office (or corner of the kitchen) looks like, it is important in these challenging times to make sure that we don’t create extra stress and strains on our bodies.

With no time for planning, many of us of will end up in less than ideal positions. Here at Lone Worker Safety Live, Nicole has found herself ousted from her normal homeworking sit/stand desk by ‘son number 2’ (we are assured that is in order of birth, not preference –
“I love all my children equally”), so is now ensconced on a little table in the corner of the room and Louise is trying to work whilst avoiding stepping on those small creatures who should rightly be at school!

None of this is ideal, but there are ways we can all make this as comfortable as possible for the foreseeable.

We spoke to Ed Milnes, one of our fab speakers for advice. After all this is his area of expertise. Ed has produced a guidance on Muscular Skeletal Risks and how to avoid them when remote working – you remember the days when we used to plonk our laptops on coffee shop tables? He has kindly reviewed this guidance and we thought we would share it with you. There are some great tips…and we are now dashing off to make some changes.

Just click here to download the full guidance.

Stay Safe and Well one and all, and don’t forget we are here to help if you have any questions about the safety, security or wellbeing of your lone and remote workers through these difficult times.


See you soon!