In these uncertain times, so many more of us are now working from home and are officially lone workers (the Lone Worker Safety Live Team included) and for the uninitiated this can be a real shock to the system. Even if you have worked the odd day at home before, doing it on a daily basis and for the foreseeable future, may feel daunting.

The responsibility to manage workers’ health, safety and wellbeing has not gone away. But where businesses do not have processes already in place, it may also be difficult for managers to ensure that they keep their remote workers safe, engaged and productive.  Technology can help massively, and we have already heard of some innovative ideas to keep people in contact and allow interaction with others during social isolation.

Over the next few weeks we will be offering advice and guidance from our experts and other resources that we feel will be useful to you. To start the ball rolling we are sharing this wonderful infographic from those fab people at The Healthy Work Company. Why not print it out and pop in front of your home working station (whether that is a desk, kitchen table or even the sofa!).

These are challenging times for everyone. We will be here to offer support and guidance to anyone who has a question. Please feel free to send us your queries or post to our Linked In page or comment below. If we don’t know the answer, we bet one of our Lone Worker Safety Live Community will.