Lone Worker

noun. someone who works by themselves without direct or close supervision

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Welcome to Lone Worker Safety Live…


If you are looking for guidance and advice on how to manage the safety, security and wellbeing of lone, remote or home workers you have found the right place.


Organised and hosted by Worthwhile Training  who have well over 25 years’ experience in the field. The event is supported by the Health and Safety Executive  and other well respected subject matter experts who have come together to help support businesses and workers with the challenges that lone working brings.  You can be assured that all the information provided is backed by though research and real-life experiences from across many sectors.


The event on 11th October 2022 will be our first ‘live’ event since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and to say we are excited to be ‘back in the room’ is an understatement.

It will be a day full of opportunities to:


As this is a fully educational event, you’ll also get a full day CPD certificate! What more could you want?


Places are limited and as the lone working community have been waiting for a live event since 2019, we are expecting the day to sell out. So, pop over now to our registration page   and make sure your name is on a seat.

A few quotes from previous delegates:

“The day was immense”

“I think you have found the winning formula!”

“I wanted to go away knowing more than I did when I arrived, If I had left at lunchtime, I would have already comfortably achieved this!!”

“This event just gets better and better”

Lone Worker Safety Live is the one event in the UK that focusses on the safety, security and wellbeing of remote and lone workers, bringing together experts with real world experience in an interactive and engaging way.

We will be back in person in 2022…did we mention our new home is also the Home of Cricket?

Take a look through the site for more information and then head to our registration page to book your place in advance.

In the meantime please keep in touch and let us know if you have a specific question on lone working. One of our experts will be happy to help.   

We look forward to seeing you in October

Our Sponsors

As well as some amazing speakers we are proud to be supported by well-respected organisations who share our passion for the safety, security and wellbeing of Lone Workers. Take a look at our sponsors page for more information about these wonderful people!

Behind the lens…

Behind the lens…

When considering the use of Body Worn Cameras as a way of reducing the risk to workers, many organisations focus on the camera features. In this article, Chris Allcard from Reliance Protect encourages organisations to look beyond this and consider the wider issue of management of the media created. Grab yourself a cuppa and read on.

Building connection and reducing disconnection.

Building connection and reducing disconnection.

A few months ago we were lucky enough to share an article from Dr Liz Royle, KRTS International. If you missed it then do take a few moments to read Why The Human Brain Can See Disconnection As Inherently Dangerous first. Today we offer you the follow up, building connections and reducing disconnect. Find yourself 10 minutes and grab yourself a cuppa and have a read.

Supporting the mental health of lone workers – why the human brain can see disconnection as inherently dangerous.

Supporting the mental health of lone workers – why the human brain can see disconnection as inherently dangerous.

In a two part series Dr Liz Royle from KRTS International Ltd gives some insight into lone workers and how we can better support them when it comes to mental health and the importance of putting subject into some psychological context so that we properly understand what we’re trying to achieve and why this helps.

Join us today, for part one of the series, as we look at how we need to be part of a social group, how being away from the tribe for too long is dangerous and how being part of a group with make an individual thrive rather than just survive.